Fouad WhatsApp or Original WhatsApp, which is better?

Are you torn between staying with the original WhatsApp or using Fouad WhatsApp? Many of you have the same dilemma as you! Because the original WhatsApp Latest Version has so many limitations that it no longer meets the requirements of every user. Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version, on the other hand, offers a very wide range of features that complement this deficiency. If you too want to know an answer, keep reading. In this article, we will list a comparison of the features between the official WhatsApp APK and Fouad WhatsApp APK to give you a visual impression.

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Fouad WhatsApp or Original WhatsApp, which is better?

The Features of Fouad WhatsApp VS WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp vs WhatsApp

As you can see by comparing the tables, Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version has everything that WhatsApp has. And it also adds many new features that WhatsApp does not have. If you don’t think the innovations that Fouad WhatsApp download latest version brings are particularly important to you, then either download Fouad WhatsApp APK or official WhatsApp APK. If there are features that WhatsApp doesn’t have that you need, then don’t hesitate to use Fouad WhatsApp APP and download Fouad WhatsApp update by clicking on the official link below!